Saturday, March 25, 2006

A morning at Hartsholme

Some shots from a mornings walk around Hartsholme Park, Lincoln.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

More Sanderlings....

Speedy Sanderling

Back in the UK after a lovely break in Sweden, I thought I would try my hand at photographing Sanderling, which I have never had any luck with previously. I headed off to Huttoft Beach, Lincolnshire and had some great fun trying to cope with their speed of movement. My best shots follow.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Goosies and Goldies continued...

Goosanders and Goldeneye

Given the volumes of floating ice on the Gota Alv which runs through the centre of Gothenburg, Goosanders and Goldeneye allowed somewhat closer views than they do in the UK. The following two posts cover my favourite shots.

Swans and more swans

On the way back from Marstrand to Gothenburg, we came across a large flock of wild swans feeding close to the shore where an area of sea ice had melted. The flock comprised mainly Whooper Swans (a winter visitor to the UK) with a few Mute Swans also. Here is a selection of my favourite photos from the many taken.

Marstrand continued....


Marstrand is a small island just north of Gothenburg which is only approximately 100 metres from the mainland - it is a beautiful place and here are some scenery shots followed by photos of an injured Jackdaw and an 'argentatus' herring gull.

Gothenburg, Sweden

Myself, my fiancee and my parents decided to go for a week long break to Gothenburg, Sweden in the second week of March (my fiancee's home town to visit her family. There was still a considerable amount of snow and with temperatures reaching as cold as -14 degrees C, it was quite bracing. I still managed to get a little photography in though and the next few posts show the highlights of the trip. To start, are a few scenic shots of where my fiancee's family lives including their house (the yellow one).

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Clumber's Coots

With little of interest about, I thought I would head to Clumber for a photography session and hopefully some obliging common birds - I spent most of the morning photographing the coots.