Sunday, June 25, 2006

Brimstone etc

A couple of shots of some of the other stuff at Chambers today including Brimstone, Large Skipper and Painted Lady butterflies.

Chambers - the return of the Broad Bordered Bee Hawks

I had a cracking morning at Chambers Wood this morning - super Hobby seen really close (didnt have the telephoto lens handy at the time though - typical), a family of Grey Partridges (with the youngest, cutest chicks - my fiancee wouldnt stop going on about them all day) and 2 Broad bodied chasers, amongst the birds and dragonflies. However, the highlights came with the butterflies and moths - 5 Black Hairstreaks (a new species for me - good views on the deck through bins but no photo opportunities), 1 White Admiral, 1 Brimstone, 2 Painted Ladies and 2 Broad Bordered Bee Hawk Moths (my second time for this species after the two last week at the same site). With the latter species, I finally managed to nail some decent shots and the best are posted (sorry for the number, but they are an awesome moth!).

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Red Veined Darters

Eventually got onto at least two Red Veined Darters of these at Gibraltar Point - on the path to the North Hide near Tennysons South scrape. A first for me and a cracking sympetrum! They werent fantastically photogenic, but did manage some flight shots at reasonably close quarters and a couple of record shots on the deck.

Pyramidal Swallows

A trip to Gibraltar Point, Lincolnshire to try and catch up with the Red Veined Darters (see above post) resulted in little else new. Above are a couple of shots of a confiding young Swallow and some photos of Pyramidal Orchids.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Sand Martins

A reasonably early finish at work (for a change) allowed me to get down to a colony of Sand Martins in central south Lincolnshire this evening - unfortunately the light was awful and I had to revert to using flash to get a fastest shutter speed of 1/60th, but quite pleased with the results although colour representation is a little affected.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Common Cranes - awesome!

The absolute highlight for me at Gibraltar Point today, other than the stuff reported below, was 2 Common Cranes. I originally saw them, along with a few other birder's, from the Jackson's Marsh hide, they were feeding in the field behind. After watching them for a while at distance, decided to walk back to see how the fiance was. Everyone else had left to try and get closer views and my fiancee advised that it would be a good idea to get the camera out incase they flushed them and they flew over us. Within seconds of the words coming out of her mouth and me getting the camera out, everything went up and we watched in the distance as the cranes lifted and gradually drifted over our way, even calling, whilst being mobbed by Avocets. At the point they flew over our heads, I was panicking so much am surprised that any of my photos came out but here are the best of about 90 taken in a matter of a minute or so. A fantastic moment - even if the weather was awful for photography!!!

Little Terns

Some record shots of Little Terns feeding quite close inshore at Gibraltar Point, Lincolnshire.

Sanders and Cets

Whilst the fiancee relaxed on the beach today at Gibraltar Point, I had the camera at the ready near the tideline. Numerous flocks of Sanderling were moving through, and at least two flocks came close. The Avocet shots (digiscoped - the first digiscoped shots in a long time) were taken on Jackson's Marsh.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Broad Bordered Bee Hawks

The highlight at Chambers Wood this afternoon was definitely the 2 Broad Bordered Bee Hawk Moths which I found - these things are amazing and hover in front of flowers like hummingbirds - they are also extremely difficult to photograph so am pleased with these record shots.

Bits and Bobs at Chambers

Common Spotted Orchid

Large Skipper

Large Red Damselfly

Chambers Wood, nr Bardney was really productive this afternoon - here are a selection of some photos of the things seen.