Saturday, July 08, 2006

Whisby Dragons

Lesser Emperor (dead specimen - probably only 3rd record for Lincolnshire)

Emperor Dragonfly

The real highlight for today was that I managed to catch up with the Lesser Emperor Dragonfly at Whisby. This site has held the first three records for Lincolnshire since last Saturday afternoon! I managed to catch up with the male on Willow Walk, the only remaining live specimen. Whilst it wasnt photographable, it certainly was a very impressive dragonfly with the pale blue band at the top of the abdmoen being visible at long range. Grahame Hopwood, the reserve warden, also showed me the dead specimen which had been brought in earlier in the week, which represented the third record. By now, however, the specimen has lost all its colour as can be seen in the photo above. Some shots of Common Blue Damselflies are posted above and an ovipositing Emperor Dragonfly being harassed by a Common Blue - this shot was taken with my 80-400mm @ 400mm hence the poor quality.


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